S’all Greek to Me…ha..ha…. ^^;

To verify for whomever may be reading this that isn’t in our IB Visual Arts class, I just finished my research last night on my ‘era’ (we all had to choose a time period out of a list), which is Greek Art’s Classical Period; the “Golden Age” of Greek Art, 480 BCE to 323 BCE (directly quoted from the list).

For the project after this research, we have to ‘recreate’ a piece from the chosen time period. I had quite a hard time, at first, trying to pick one, and find a way to recreate it, while still following the guidelines (“… using your research as a guide reinterpret some meaningful piece of the past, in a way that resonates with your own life or views as an artist.”)

After a while, thought, I came across two pieces, each which caught my attention in a manner of wanted to replicate it in some form. First was “Aphrodite”, which was when the nude female form was introduced. The second was “Nike Adjusting Her Sandal”.

Aphrodite caught my attention from simple the basic and elegant form in which it was carved (I also have this thing with the nude human body, it’s an amazing thing). I was unsure of how I could recreate this, though. My mind went to photography, my passion, but I have only one friend who would stand mostly unclothed for me, like Aphrodite is, for a photo and not be disturbed with it. And even then, it might end up being a little awkward for that person depending on who saw said photo. So there are complications, in short (location being one…. it’d be hard to explain to my mum ^^; ). This means I basically put this on the back burner; I’d love to do it, but… yah. -_-

Nike Adjusting Her Sandal just jumped right out at me in the means that it was just so quirky! Such a casual pose of someone quickly fixing their shoe as they walked. I got an idea not long after for this; again, more of a photo shoot to get this one done. For a modern feel, modern clothing and setting. But, to add my own personality to it, the ‘model’ would be dressed in quite unconventional clothing (such as how I dress most days, hah) with a strange look to it, but the pose would be the same.

The second one I have a better chance of accomplishing (though I may need to hit a few fabric sales beforehand), and for the first, too many people wouldn’t understand if they walked in on a half naked person, and a second person with a camera; it would just be too difficult to explain. But the idea will be done at some point, maybe a little more down the road, as with more age in years there are less questions in this area, it seems.

Anyway, that ends my little spiel about this latest art project. I shall post the end result when it is completed^^

Tara, olive.



  1. Benjamin Briscoe said,

    May 20, 2011 at 2:25 am

    Hmm… interesting little arts schpiel you have going on here, Katrina. Good to see that you’ve stayed busy since Sainte-Anne; I’d say the same, but my schoolwork hasn’t really ventured off into artwork very often, let alone nude sculptures. If you think you’ve got cultural strangulation where you are, come on down to the Bible Belt. I’m next to Asheville of course, which is sort of our major arts and creativity nexus for the region. We get some interesting conflict from that though- heated evangelicals and half-clothed hippies goin’ at it!

    • May 20, 2011 at 3:49 am

      Wow. Actually, this blog is amazingly old (well, it was from before St Anne, at least). For art class, the year before. But yeah, this is sort of nostalgic, this blog. I haven’t been into any art recently, in reality.

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