More than just Graffiti~

I know we did something similar to this in class before, but I really liked this video, so I thought I’d share.

A friend just showed me this video (you have to follow the link embedded, the video won’t insert here) and I knew this would be great to stick up here for you guys to watch.

It is on this guy who started off doing Graffiti, and even shows some other things he does (I’ll let you find out by watching). It is almost like an autobiography of sorts.

I think his works shown in the video are quite amazing, and this guy isn’t even famous (his face is blurred out…graffiti is still illegal, of course), though I think he could easily be if he wanted.

Obviously there is and will be plenty of controversy over this (it’s good/ bad, it’s wanted/unwanted, only some is good/bad, and the rest is bad/good; etc.), but that’s another reason why I put it up. How would you react to one of these on your wall or in your town? Whether it is the detailed ‘art’ (which some people called the more attractive pieces) or whether it is a simple tag, would you want to see it around? Would it be better if he stuck to canvas, or are old buildings just as free game for painting over?

Well that’s it for this time. I hope you all enjoy the video.


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