Patient Paper Projects

I came across this artist, Charles Clary, a week or two ago, and (now that I can work this blog><)  I chose to talk about his…. unique work.

Clary Makes 3-D sculptures out of simply paper, using only a dremel tool; no lasers or hack saws used to make these giant works, simply hours of cutting and (I would assume) plenty of patience. His sculptures are inspired by sound waves and micro-organisms.

I find this almost sentimental mself, seeing a chlidhood thing like coloured paper being used to construct something so intricate and complex.

There’s a site with more pictures of his crazy sculptures, and another with an article about him as well. (those are my fancy embedded links right there^^)

Just a thought to leave you reader with: first, do you yourselves think you would take the time to cut every single one of these pieces and stick ’em together? And would you ever plan to do something like this yourself? Or would the paper-cuts make you quit after only a few hours?


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